Embeddable Video Library

All your videos in one place

Drawing of the embeddable video library

Easy Embedding

Simply paste the embedding code where you want the library to show up. That’s all!

Custom Styles

Make your video library unique by adjusting the styles of the library and player to your website design.

Filters and Search

Full-text search and filters let your users easily find the content they are looking for .

Essentialized Videos

A better viewing experience

Drawing that shows some features of the player for essentialized videos


Increase engagement by offering a better way to navigate inside videos with chapters.

Short Versions

Allow easy access by providing short versions of your most popular videos.


Automatically created transcripts make videos accessible and easier to follow.


Always know what’s happening

A drawing with some examples of graphs and statistics

Regular Emails

No need for you to keep checking. We’ll inform you about what’s happening by email.

Actionable Data

Our reports show acquisition and engagement metrics. You can also access data directly.

Easy to Understand

Self-explanatory graphs and tables allow your team to discuss metrics immediately.

Management & More

Keep everything under control

Email Wall

Collect email addresses by offering your video content only to your newsletter subscribers.

Video Editing

Add chapters to videos and create short versions with our editor directly in your browser.

Video Asset Management

View and manage all your videos in one place, even together with your team in real time.

Search Engine Optimization

Chapter marks, segments and transcripts make your content visible to search engines.

Works with YouTube

You can keep all your videos on YouTube and leave the video production process unchanged.

Cloud Service

GoEssential is offered as a cloud service for easy access from any device and any location.